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Get it Now For Your Boat on the Trailer or at the Marina

Locmarine Security


*Atlantic Marine Store* 

For all repowering needs for your boat in Miami call or visit them

305.826.2202 or www.atlanticmarinestore.com


*Ann Victoria Upholster*

For your marine or commercial upholster around fort Myers call Ann at 239.288.7927

Sponsor Partner Program

We are Looking for sponsors or partners to add more episodes on the channel. We will be creating more content about fishing, camping, and vacationing spots around Florida's east and west coast. We will be visiting popular water spots in other states as well.

Sponsorship proposal:

We will needing a smaller center console boat between 20 to 26 foot with motor and trailer. Also fishing equipment like fish finders, power poles, and trolling motor.  Also monetary funds is expected too. Sponsors will be named for what they provide, product, equipment or monetary funds for each video. A link will be provided on the video's description of sponsor company and product. We would love to have monthly sponsors to help us with  monthly giveaways of products and merchandise to give out to our viewers.

New Episodes :

The new episodes consist of in and offshore fishing content at least twice a month. That would show technics, products and how tos, Also we will be doing island exploring and visiting boating spots around florida's coast.   

We have over 314k subscribers and 140 millions views on the channel. The videos can be viewed  at any time, and limitless times. This is smart advertising for your product and company. If you, or your company, would like to get involved in sponsoring new incoming episodes, you can reach out to us via email DJfresco1@gmail.com